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Topic Toys
Strand Mathematical Development
Title Kippers Toy Box

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Step 1 Show an interest in numbers and counting. Use some number names and number language spontaneously

Step 3 Count up to 3 or 4 objects by saying one number name for each item

ELG Say and use number names in order in familiar contexts and recognise numerals 1 to 9

Read Kippers Toybox to the children counting and pointing to the toys in the story. Encourage children to join in.  Use a box with the same objects as in the story (or any five toys).  Count the toys back into the box and take one away.   Count the toys back out and children try to remember which one is missing.

Children play the same memory game in small groups, children have their own set of object/pictures and hold up which they think is missing.

Simplify Extend
Use three toys to start with. Match numerals to objects i.e. 5 to five toys. Extend to 10 if appropriate.
Kippers Toybox (by Mick Inkpen), box/bag, a selection of toys, pictures of toys, set of numerals.
Class organisation Whole class introduction then small groups.
Assessment opportunities  
Step 1 Does the child listen and watch when adult is counting?

Step 3 Can the child count the up to 4 of the toys accurately?

ELG Can the child count the all toys independently and match the correct number symbol?




Tizzies toybox (counting objects) CDROM.

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